After-school programs are an amazing place to learn, improve skills, socialize, and to move beyond what kids thought possible. With Team(You) you’ll be able to engage students even more, and easily record kids’ activities and achievements —all at the touch of your fingertips.


Team(You)’s digital system makes it more fun and more rewarding for kids to participate. Earning points while they achieve goals gives students immediate reinforcement and encourages them to come back for more.

“This program made me want to go to school every day.”
– Umika, former student


Increased attendance and participation will lead to students earning more and more points every week. It’s easy to see the improvement in your class and with Team(You) you can easily share a visual representation of your students’ improvements to fund raisers.

“Team(You)’s data will definitely help us get our program renewed”
– L.R., After-school program administrator


With Team(You), students love to communicate their successes to staff in-class as well as after-school. This also gives the staff a much better understanding of individual students’ needs and proficiencies.

“We are now having better quality communications all around”

– T.V., After-school program administrator

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Team(You) is aligned with Common Core teaching and seeks to seamlessly integrate with it at every level.