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PBIS Data Collection Systems Lead to Better Solutions

June 9, 2015

PBIS data collection systems help to monitor school-wide PBIS progress, improve PBIS program implementation, and identify students who are at risk for problematic behavior. School administrators and teachers can make better informed decisions about discipline, interventions, and rewards based on consistently collected and properly analyzed data. And school leaders at all levels can use data… Read more

Wide Ranging Benefits of PBIS Tracking Software

May 30, 2015

We’ve entered the 21st century, and screens, devices, and ever-advancing technologies are ubiquitous. It is important that our schools help students become techologically adept, preparing them to thrive in any future career or passion. What’s more, when students are allowed to make use of their technological skills in school, they tend to be more curious,… Read more

PBIS Guidelines for Success

May 9, 2015

PBIS guidelines for success start with the support and cooperation of everyone, actively depending on the involvement of a whole school community to affect behavior and to minimize learning disruptions. A school-wide PBIS system engages teachers, administrators, counselors, and staff in proactive strategies that define, teach, and support positive student behaviors to create a more productive… Read more