You know that when you improve employee engagement, they’ll be happier, and you’ll hit your targets more reliably. Team(You) enables you to easily accomplish that with a simple software system you can access from nearly any computer or smartphone.


Team(You) makes it more fun and rewarding for employees to participate. Earning points while they achieve goals gives employees immediate reinforcement and encourages them to come back for more.

“My managers love the results they’re seeing!”
“Team(You) absolutely decreases the learning curve and increases employee engagement.”

– Regional HR Director, international hospitality chain


“It helps managers quantify their praise vs. correction ratio.”

– Director, Fortune 500 retail chain


Team(You) is easy to use. Now you can quickly recognize employees for the great work they are doing, and work more effectively as a team.

“I’m seeing our numbers improving as my team becomes more focused.”
– Team(You) corporate customer

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