Students do amazing things. When they do, teachers have the opportunity to recognize their achievements. Recognizing students is part of what keeps them engaged and learning, and keeps the classroom on task so teachers can inspire love-for-learning. Many teachers already use manual incentive systems — But Team(You) is a new kind of incentive system.


Students earn when they take an action that the teacher recognizes. The teacher taps a student’s name and an action/behavior. Just two taps is all it takes to recognize student’s actions with points.


Students can buy (redeem) items from your online Team(You) store with their points. Those items can be privileges (like “first in line for lunch”), or even physical items (like a notebook).

Students buy items from the Team(You) store with their points by requesting the item from their teacher, who completes the transaction with a few clicks. Optionally, students buy items through their own online accounts.

Fun and Easy

It’s fun for students and easy for teachers. In fact, it’s easier and more effective than most manual incentive systems.

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Teachers just need an internet-connected device with a browser. (The device can be a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. No downloads are required.)

Student connectivity is not required, but students (and parents) who have an internet-connected device can use it.


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