Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

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Team(You) supports school-wide PBIS initiatives with a system that delivers, reminds, reinforces, tracks, and reports positive behaviors. Also, since students themselves take ownership, the positive effects are magnified and extended compared to typical positive behavior reinforcement alone.


You’ve addressed interventions, but how will you use positive behavior to engage and motivate students, and to prevent behavior issues?
Team(You) PBIS software handles this side of the PBIS equation. Team(You) is a stunningly useful software tool that drives positive behavior support in every classroom, throughout your every school of your district.

Which Students?

On the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports Pyramid, and also on the Positive Academic Intervention and Supports Pyramid, Team(You)’s PBIS support system is for:
  • Proactive primary prevention in Tier 1 / Universal (100% of students / all settings).
  • Tier 2 students (usually 5%-15% of student population)

PBIS Deployment, PBIS Support

Team(You) accelerates your PBIS deployment by gently and continually reminding staff about your school’s desired culture change and climate, and assisting them with a tool to transform and maintain that culture and climate in their classrooms.

Also, this system is easily adaptable to your school’s behavioral orientation. This is true whether you have a custom approach, or whether you use existing ones like Character Counts, Second Step, Tribes, Responsive Classrooms, the Five P’s, or nearly anything else you feel is helpful.

PBIS Coach

Team(You) is effective PBIS software that supports your PBIS implementation. Once your staff has been trained, Team(You) will keep the learning fresh, gently reminding staff about key points for the entire year, and we do it in a way that is fun for students.

Track PBIS Engagement

With Team(You), teachers, schools, and districts can track PBIS/PBS engagement. Students love it, and it assists teachers in managing their classrooms, so data collection is easy. Numerous reports allow teachers and administrators to see how students’ actions and behaviors are recognized every day.

Why Team(You)?

Students love it. And teachers love it too, since Team(You) is like a teacher assistant that helps to manage classrooms.

We know this: After PBIS professional development, staff are often left with workbooks and forms, with little useful guidance or support for how to actually implement it. We know that a PBIS coach who visits teachers regularly would help tremendously, but most districts can’t afford that.

Team(You) provides that guidance and support that teachers and administrators need, along with a software tool that nearly-effortlessly enables PBIS implementation.

Team(You) goes far beyond traditional PBIS training and professional development to continually coach your staff on PBIS approaches, and is key to establishing a positive behavior culture in your school that supports social emotional learning (SEL).

Definitions (if you were wondering)

PBIS (positive behavior intervention supports)

PBS (positive behavior supports)

SW-PBIS (School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports)

PBIS for your school or district

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