Better School Management and PBIS for Principals

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As a principal, you are in charge of so much – including budgets, student outcomes, PBIS requirements, and fostering student-teacher-staff relationships.

For these areas, Team(You) helps you with a unique digital system designed to increase on-time attendance and to improve student engagement. It is easy for teachers, and it aligns with the Common Core Curriculum.

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

Supports your PBIS plan and your anti-bullying plan. Team(You)’s school-wide PBIS software for support enables teachers and staff to use their training, builds a sense of community in classrooms, and deescalates conflict through prevention. Works great alongside your RTI, SEL, or Restorative Justice approaches. This is PBIS software with benefits for teachers and students!


Increased On-Time Attendance

Team(You)’s digital system makes it more fun and more rewarding for kids to participate.  Earning points while they achieve goals gives students immediate reinforcement and encourages them to come back for more.

Easy For Teachers

Team(You) is simple-to-use software.  It eliminates tedious paperwork involved with many traditional incentives, helps teachers engage with students, and promotes more advanced concepts like financial literacy in an experiential, hands-on, real-world way.

Student Progress Monitoring

Building strong relationships and improving student performance is critical. Better attendance, better grades, and more engaged children also makes requesting and justifying funds so much easier. With Team(You), you’ll have the data to back up your proposals and to measure your results.

Student Engagement

Students build a sense of achievement with Team(you).  This leads to a more connected classroom where students not only feel great, but are even more excited to embark on the next challenge. Positive reinforcement is woven throughout everything we do. In addition, specific actions could include:

  • On time homework submission
  • Lunchtime volunteering
  • Improvement on goals
  • Improving skills

Supports Financial Literacy & 21st Century Learning

Immerse students in your curricula with experiential learning. It’s never too early to start children on a success track towards math and financial literacy, two critical subject matters for students of all ages. As a system that was developed with brain science and game design as the underlying tenets, we understand how the brain works to engage students to generate curiosity and improve retention, and how game design plays an integral role in teaching challenging subjects like math, science, financial literacy, and more.

  • Improves critical thinking skills
  • Global in application
  • Evidence-based
  • Increases knowledge and expectations for college and career
  • Enables delivering rigorous content

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