Positive Behavior Reinforcement Strategies for Teachers

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Do what you do best: inspire, engage, and teach. With Team(You), you can now do it faster, with less effort, and more effectively – With just two taps.

Manage your own customizable list of actions and positive behaviors (with associated points) you want to encourage in your classroom.

Create and manage school-related rewards too.

Student Engagement

Students build a sense of achievement with Team(you).  This leads to a more connected classroom where students not only feel great, but are even more excited to embark on the next challenge. Positive behavior reinforcement is woven throughout everything we do and we support social emotional learning too. For example, you could choose to recognize students for:

  • Volunteering
  • Social skills
  • Emotional skills

On-Time Attendance

Students who are excited to get to class and more engaged are likely to be at class on-time more often. Once there, students are more ready to learn and participate. Students want to show up because it’s fun to participate with everyone else!

Student Progress Reporting

It’s imperative that we support all students the best we can. With our busy schedules, lesson planning, meetings, and paperwork requirements, teachers have a lot to do. Using a super-simple digital incentive system that helps you track student progress will ensure that all students get the attention that they deserve. You will have access to data-rich student reports:

  • for specific actions & behaviors
  • in any date range
  • by student
  • for any / all of your classes

Supports Financial Literacy & 21st Century Learning

It’s never too early to start students on a success track towards math and financial literacy. This system is based on brain science and game design. We understand how the brain works to engage students to generate curiosity and improve retention, and how game design accelerates learning with nearly every subject, including challenging subjects like math, science, financial literacy, and others.

  • Improves critical thinking skills
  • Evidence-based
  • Increases knowledge and expectations for college and career
  • Enables delivering rigorous content

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