Motivate Positive Classroom Behavior

Incentivize student engagement and you'll change their world.

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Have you tried every method to impact student behavior?

The Team(You) learning and incentive program increases student engagement by promoting and rewarding positive behavior with a simple 2-click interface. It also improves on-time attendance and even integrates financial literacy.

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Customizable & science-backed behaviors and rewards


Create and manage your own customizable list of classroom behaviors you wish to encourage. Create and manage school-related rewards too! This is also a game-changer if you have a PBIS school.

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Easy to navigate and easy to manage


From any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone), you are able to award incentive points with 2 clicks on your classroom seating chart. Easily monitor student progress and watch the points add up.

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Real-time Reporting and Analytics


Students, teachers and administrators have customized views into student progress. Students can connect their behaviors to results, and can choose to redeem their points immediately or save them for future use!

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What Makes the Team(You) behavioral learning and incentive program different?

Brain Science of Learning

We understand how the brain works: the program is designed to engage students to generate curiosity and improve retention.

Game Design for EdTech

Games are proven to be successful in teaching difficult subjects like math, science, financial literacy, and more. Plus, using fun incentives further improves rapid student adoption.